Welcome to your FREE Masterclass to learn the principles of a wholesome vegan diet!

In this Masterclass you will:

  • Learn the basic principles of a healthy plant-based diet
  • Discover the 5 major food groups for vegans
  • Learn which supplements to use

  • Get practical advice how to eat a healthier and more wholesome plant-based diet
  • Learn how to prevent deficiencies

  • Find out about all the potential health benefits of a plant-based diet

But that is not all!

  • BONUS #1: You will get a wholesome 3-day vegan meal plan that provides you with all the nutrients you need. This meal plan includes the nutritional values of all the simple, quick and delicious meals, as well as a complete grocery list. Easy to follow and implement!

  • BONUS #2: As a psychologist, I find it important to give you some valuable coaching input. In this bonus video, I give you inspiring ideas that you can use on your personal nutrition journey, in order to keep a peaceful mind and reach your goals sustainably.

  • BONUS #3: You will also get the chance to sign up for the deep-dive training ‘Master your plant-based diet’ where we will dive deep into some exciting topics about healthy plant-based nutrition, such as the micronutrients you should pay attention to, and how to replace meat, cheese and eggs.

Free Masterclass

Free Masterclass

In this 35 minute video you will learn:

  • What are the health benefits of a plant-based diet?
  • How much fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, protein-rich foods, and healthy fats should you eat on a plant-based diet?
  • What are the best sources of carbs, protein and fat?
  • Why should you eat something orange every day?
  • Why should you eat dark leafy greens each day?
  • Which supplements should you take as a vegan?
  • Which advice do I give to most of my clients?
  • And much more!
vegan meal plan

3-day vegan meal plan

This complete worry-free 3-day vegan meal plan includes:

  • 3 x breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Providing all the nutrients you need
  • Including ingredients, full recipes and nutrition fatcs (e.g. energy, carbs, protein and fats) of every meal

  • Easy meals that don’t take a lot of time and just have a few ingredients

  • Complete grocery list for easy implementation

coaching input

Coaching input

In this 22-minute mindset coaching video, you will get amazing input to inspire you, to keep a clear mind and get into action. You will learn:

  • How to implement the 80-20 principle
  • Which small steps you can take and why you don’t need to be perfect

  • Why it is more important to focus on your INtake than on the foods that you want to avoid
  • How to listen to your body and find what feels good


You will also get an e-book with all the basic principles of a healthy plant-based diet. This makes it easy for you to look up all the information presented in the free Masterclass.

You can get all that now for FREE!

I recorded this free Masterclass because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as I did. I want you to know exactly how a healthy plant-based diet look like and how you can achieve that. I want you to feel energetic and inspired!

After watching this Masterclass, you will know exactly how you can desgin a wholesome plant-based diet, in order to feel good, get all the health benefits and inspire others as well!

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