Yes, I can help you.

As a nutritionist and psychologist, I can support you on your plant-based nutrition journey with online coaching.

Together we will solve your nutritional, social, psychological or personal challenges.

As a nutritionist and psychologist, I can support you on your plant-based nutrition journey with online coaching.

Together we will solve your nutritional, social, psychological or personal challenges.

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What is your challenge ?

  • You want to eat a healthy plant-based diet but don’t know where to start?

  • You are afraid to get nutrient deficiencies?

  • You want to change your diet but you cannot motivate yourself?
  • You lack discipline at times and go back to old patterns?
  • You struggle with mental problems?

  • You find it difficult to create new healthy habits?

  • You want a healthy lifestyle that fits you for the long term?

Do you see yourself in any of those common problems? I understand you. I have been there. Being or becoming vegan isn’t always easy. You start full of energy and motivation. You know that you are doing the right thing. For the animals. For the planet. For yourself. There is no turning back. But where do you start? What do you eat? Is it really good for you?

Do you want to :

  • Learn how to eat a healhy plant-based diet?

  • Optimize your diet and feel more energetic and focused?

  • Be confident in your food choices and prevent deficiencies?

  • Deepen your knowledge, improve your diet and feel better?

  • Make better choices for optimal health?

  • Create new healthy habits that you can sustain for a long period?

  • Be coached by someone who understands you, motivates you and inspires you?

No more need to do it all by yourself. I can help you with online 1:1 coaching. We will dive into your personal and nutrition challenges, make an action plan and monitor the progress together. We will analyse your current eating pattern and choose points for improvement. You will learn everything about your nutritional needs and how you can fulfill them with a healthy vegan diet. Step by step you will feel better and be more confident about your food choices. What are you waiting for?

Start feeling better TODAY.

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My approach

I think that nutrition advice should be affordable for everyone. That’s why I work with a very competitive rate of just 60€ per hour. You will find this nowhere else!

I also like to get to know my potential clients first. That’s why I offer a FREE discovery call, without any obligation, of 15-30 minutes to talk about your needs, goals, challenges. And to find out if I am the right nutrition coach for you.

My services

  • 1:1 online coaching (60€/h)

  • Tailor-made meal plans (99€ for a 1 week meal plan)

  • Screening of current food intake and personalized feedback (75€)

  • Mental coaching (60€/h)

  • Speaker at events (on request)

I offer online 1:1 coaching for vegans and non-vegans who want to be more plant-based. You choose how many sessions you want to book. It can be a single session just to ask some questions. Or a more intense partnership where I can coach you for a longer period, including extra WhatsApp check-ins.

You can send me your current food intake for a screening and get personalized feedback on any nutrient deficiencies you might be at risk for. You will also get practical tips on how to improve your nutrient intake. Please send me an e-mail to get further instructions.

I can also make a complete tailor-made meal plan for you, which meets all your macro- and micronutrient needs, as well as your personal dietary preferences and restrictions.

As a psychologist, I can also support you with your mental struggles, such as dealing with animal suffering, sadness, loneliness and other emotions you might experience as a vegan.

I can also be hired as a speaker and inspirator for events on plant-based nutrition. Please get in touch with me to discuss your request.

free introduction meeting

FREE discovery call. No obligations. €0,-

I offer a free 30 minute discovery call in order to get to know each other and experience if there is a match. We will talk about your challenges and goals. You will get some practical tips. After this, we can decide if we want to continue with your coaching.

  • Free introductory meeting
  • Get to know each other
  • No obligations
personal coaching. achieve your personal nutrition goals.

Online 1:1 Coaching. Hourly rate: €60,-

Are you ready to work on your challenges and get into action?

Book a free discovery call first to get in touch with me and agree on your ideal personal online 1:1 coaching program.

  • Design your own flexible coaching program

  • Book as many appointments as you need

  • Absolute flexibility: you can also book 30 min or 90 min sessions

  • Not satisfied? You will get back your money!

package deal

Get discount with a package deal. €180,-

Do you want more intense coaching? Then this package deal could be the right choice for you. In 4 online meetings, I will help you to reach your nutrition goals for good.

  • Intake meeting (90 min): We look at your current eating pattern, set goals and agree on action steps.

  • Follow-up meeting 1 (60 min): After 1-2 weeks, we meet again to measure the progress and sharpen the plan.

  • Follow-up meeting 2 (30 min): 1-2 weeks later, we discuss the progress and talk about your successes and challenges.

  • Follow-up meeting 3 (30 min): 1-2 weeks later, we have a final meeting to wrap up and get you over the last struggles.

  • If you like, I can make a 1-week personalized meal plan for you for an additional cost of just 90€. With this plan, you have the basis for endless variations.

IMPORTANT: I am a nutritionist and psychologist, and therefore qualified to provide information about healthy food and eating behaviors. I am not a registered dietician (yet). Therefore, I can only help healthy individuals on their journeys. I am also not specialized in children’s or athlete’s needs on a plant-based diet. Please consult a registered dietician in any of those cases.

Please also read the FAQ below before you book a consultation.


Since my coaching program with Rebecca I am much more aware of the food I eat. After a few years of being vegan, I found it difficult to choose the right nutrients. Now I read the nutrition labels better and know how I can consume all the nutrients that I need. The coaching with Rebecca was pleasant and I got more inspiration to continue with my vegan lifestyle in a healthy way.

review mishanou


Rebecca helped me enormously with finding a balanced vegan diet. I was used to eating meat replacers as my main source of protein and I wanted to change that. Thanks to her coaching I learned how to design my meals better to get all the nutrients I need. What I value about Rebecca is her careful attention to my desires and wishes. Through logging my food intake she was able to see exactly which changes I could do in my diet. She also helped me finding the right supplements that fit my eating pattern. Also her tips about healthy snacks during the day really helped me. I have more energy and feel much more positive in my body and about my health. In short, if you look for a knowledgeable and personal nutrition coach who can help you with a healthy plant-based diet, I definitely recommend Rebecca!



Rebecca is very approachable and friendly. I trusted her immediately because she is really understanding my situation and problems. She gave me many insights in my diet and lots of suggestions for improvement. I feel a lot better. I never thought that I could learn so much about healthy plant-based nutrition, and adjust so many things in my food intake.



I am specialized to give advice to vegans and also anyone who wants to start with a healthy plant-based diet or wants to be more-plant-based.

I prefer to have a free introduction first to see if we are a good match.

You can book your free introduction via the link above.

If we decide to work together after the free introduction, we will agree on your personal coaching goals, and choose the dates and times for your coaching.

Then you can make the payment. After I receive the payment, we can start!

My offers don’t match your needs? Get in touch with me and we can work something out that fits your expectations and your budget.

I just give advice to healthy adults.

Always contact a plant-based dietitian for specialized advice if you:
– are an athlete,
– are pregnant or breast-feeding,
– need advice for a child or an elderly person,
– have certain conditions, such as gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.

I am not a registered dietician (yet), so I am not the appropriate healthcare professional for you if you belong to any of those groups.

In case of any doubt, please contact me first before booking.

I speak English, Dutch and German. I am originally from Germany, but I live in the Netherlands for 10 years already. We can do the coaching in any of those languages.

I conduct online consultations via Google Meet. You will get the invite with a link to the meeting after you have booked and paid for the appointment. At the time of the consultation, click on this link. Make sure your webcam and microphone are turned on. Easy does it!

After we have agreed on your preferred coaching, date and time, you can pay directly via Bank transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. If you don’t have a credit card or a Paypal account, you can easily create an Paypal account via You can link your bank account to Paypal.

Out of respect for other clients and for my time, appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled at least 48 hours in advance via e-mail. If this is not done on time, there will be no refund. Making a new appointment after cancellation means extra costs for you as a client. By making an appointment you agree to these terms and conditions.

I live in the Netherlands. If you live in another time zone, the calendar will automatically adjust the available times to your time zone. Depending on where you are, you might get some unusual available times. Keep this in mind before you book!

Yes, the prices are including 21% VAT, according to the tax system in the Netherlands.