My mission

I am loving the food that is best for my own health, the animals and our planet (win-win-win!).

I want to help my clients to be or become happy and healthy vegans, full of confidence and enthusiasm.

I have a unique combination of specialized nutritional knowledge, a background in psychology & science, and a positive, sincere and empathetic nature that allows me to inspire, motivate and coach people to achieve their goals.

I am fascinated by the power of food. Healthy food is our most powerful resource. I switched to a vegan diet because I wanted to really do good. Not only for myself, my body and my health. But also for the animals and for our planet. Our diet is the key that we hold in our own hands!

It is my mission to help as many people as possible with their journey towards a healthy plant-based diet.

vegan diet coach making a green smoothie
plant-based nutrition graduate

My approach

I am an enthusiastic professional with a lot of passion for health, nutrition and mental well-being. It is my mission to help you improving your diet in a delicious, pleasant and feasible way. I celebrate every small step with you. Because every step counts.

I preach progress, not perfection.

My story

I was inspired by the books of Dr. Michael Greger about plant-based nutrition and how it can help to prevent and even cure diseases. After doing my own research, I decided to go vegan. I did not feel good at all after my first vegan month: brain fogs and low energy. So I contacted a plant-based nutritionist for help and I felt better soon. My passion grew and so I decided that I want to help others with their struggles towards a healthy plant-based diet.

Specialization in plant-based nutrition

I am studying nutrition science to become a registered dietician. I deepened my knowledge about a healthy plant-based diet by reading a lot of research articles and nutrition books. After completing the Plant-Based Nutrition training at the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies, I launched with a focus on healthy plant-based nutrition. I am also a member of the nutrition committee of the Dutch Association for Veganism (NVV) and a volunteer at PAN NL (Physicians Association for Nutrition).

By choosing a healthy vegan diet, you are choosing love. Love for yourself, the animals and the planet.

Nutrition & psychology

I am originally a psychologist with deep knowledge of human behavior and behavior change. The combination of psychology and nutrition is of great value for my clients. I combine practical nutrition advice with psychological tools for behavior change.

Based on science

As part of my Master’s education I have learned that scientific research is the most reliable source of information. I continuously keep up-to-date of the latest nutrition studies and I enjoy deepening my knowledge about psychology, nutrition and health.

I combine my knowledge about nutrition and psychology to reach the best results with my clients.

Get to know me better! Did you know that I…

… love to sing!

… am German!

… live in the Netherlands (and speak Dutch)

… love yoga

… drink no coffee

… love to try new recipes